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The New Face Of The Charmed Ones
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Episode information
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date: October 14th, 2012
Written by: Sol
Episode Plot Written by: TotallyWitchy
Episode chronology
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Something Wicca This Way Comes...Again...Again
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Main cast:
  • Wes Ramsey
  • Drew Fuller
  • Sophia Bush
  • Blake Lively
  • Leighton Meester
  • Victoria Justice
  • Chace Crawford
  • Mischa Barton

The New Face of The Charmed Ones is the second episode of the Season 1 written by Sol and episode number 180 between both series Charmed and Destined.


For a complete plot of The New Face Of The Charmed Ones go here .

BEWITCHING THE DEMON - Hold on tight for another spellbinding, demon slaying episode of Destined! Because when six Destined Ones are kidnapped by demons, it's suddenly a scramble to free them. Meanwhile, a mysterious she-demon appears to wreck havoc for the Halliwell witches. But they are armed with a secret weapon that the she-demon doesn't see coming. But the Halliwells aren't the only ones with a secret to hide, because this she-demon has a special connection to the original Charmed Ones. Elsewhere, Prue, Melinda and Tamora find out a destiny that is made especially for them...

The Script

To read the script for this episode, please go here: here


Main Characters






Uncredited Characters

  • Some extras that portrayed Demons.

Magical Notes

Book of Shadows


Dominus Trinus

Hear now the words

of the witches,

The secrets we hid

in the night.

The oldest of Gods

are invoked here.

The great work of

Magic is sought.

In this night

and in this hour,

I call upon the

Ancient Power.

Bring your powers

To we sisters three!

We want the power!

Give us the power!

To Call a Lost Witch

Power of the witches rise

Course unseen across the skies

Come to us who call you near

Come to us and settle here.

The Power of Three Spell

The power of three

will set us free

The power of three

will set us free

The power of three 

will set us free



The late Source and Seer´s daughter. She wanted to take her father´s place and become the new Source of All Evil.


He fixed the cage where Leah kept the Destined Ones for the coronation ceremony.

Dark Priest and Priestess

They helped Leah to prepare the coronation ceremony.



  • Midnight Bottle - Colbie Caillat (Album: Coco)

Notes & Trivia

  • Prue enters in the bedroom while Wyatt is taking shower. This may be a resemblance of the time when Prue went into the bedroom while Leo was taking shower in episode 19 of season 2 of Charmed, "Ex Libris" and also of the time when Phoebe got into the bedroom when Piper and Leo were taking shower in episode 18 of season 5 of Charmed, "Cat House".
  • The New Charmed Ones are made, and they are: Prue Halliwell, Melinda Halliwell, and Tamora Mitchell.