Here´s a guide to the seasons of Destined:

Season 1 - Set from 2030 to 2031;

Season 2 - Set from 2031-2032;

Season 3 - Set from 2032-2033;

Season 4 - Set from 2035-2036; airing

Episode List

Season 1

Nº in series Nº in season Title Written by Episode Plot Written by Original air date Nº Charmed universe
1 1 "Something Wicca This Way Comes...Again...Again" Sol Totally Witchy October 7, 2012 179
Poster 1x01
After 24 years, the battle between good and evil begins again. But this time it's up to the children of the Charmed Ones, to maintain the balance of good over evil. The Charmed Ones´s children must implement everything they have learned from the most powerful witches to ever walk the earth, in order to keep evil at bay.
2 2 "The New Face of The Charmed Ones" Sol Totally Witchy October 14, 2012 180
Poster 1x02
Hold on tight for another spellbinding, demon slaying episode of Destined! Because when six Destined Ones are kidnapped by demons, it's suddenly a scramble to free them. Meanwhile, a mysterious she-demon appears to wreck havoc for the Halliwell witches. But they are armed with a secret weapon that the she-demon doesn't see coming. But the Halliwells aren't the only ones with a secret to hide, because this she-demon has a special connection to the original Charmed Ones. Elsewhere, Prue, Melinda and Tamora find out a destiny that is made especially for them...
3 3 "Both Side of the Amulet" Sol Totally Witchy October 21, 2012 181
Poster 1x03
Two whitelighters and an innocent girl are in danger due to a powerful necklace that could cause chaos if in the wrong hands. Prue, Wyatt, Chris, Cassandra, Junior and Tamora show up to help them out. Meanwhile, Pandora and her mother, Paige, have to deal with a future whitelighter. Prue meets someone special while Wyatt starts fighting his heart's desires.
4 4 "Twins Troubles" Sol Totally Witchy October 28, 2012 182
Poster 1x04
The Mitchell Twins are trouble and their family knows it very well. But crazy is one thing, while reckless is another. Things take a turn for the bad when Pandora casts a spell on her bosses kids, and it doesn't go exactly as planned... Prue and Melinda try to help them to clean up another mess, but its not as easy as they thought. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Chris help Junior with some Ghost problems. Elsewhere, Prue and Jackson are getting serious in their relationship and are almost ready to take things to the next level...
5 5 "Love And Other Cupid´s Disasters" Sol Totally Witchy November 4, 2012 183
Poster 1x05
When a certain Cupid-Witch makes a disastrous mistake, she is in a race against time to fix things before things turn from horrible to unfixable. She will unwillingly need Prue to help her get out of this mess, but it won't be easy. Elsewhere, Prue´s love life isn't going perfectly easy either, as there is always one obstacle after another.
6 6 "Born Under a Twice Blessed Sign" Sol Totally Witchy November 11, 2012 184
Poster 1x06
Quite to contrary belief, Wyatt Halliwell wasn't the only Twice Blessed Child prophesied centuries ago. But someone else was, too. Unbeknownst to them, a powerful demon, gets free from his captivity and threatens the human race. He only needs one thing to succeed: The blood of a Twice Blessed Child. Will he succeed in his plan? Will darkness finally rule over the world?
7 7 "The History of Prudence Halliwell" Sol Totally Witchy November 18, 2012 185
Poster 1x07
Wyatt and Prue are in a virtual paradise, as their relationship has just started, and it's their little secret, locked away safely in their hearts... Or so they think. Elsewhere, a loved and missed family member returns and brings along some magical problems to solve. Its a heartfelt reunion as she reunites with her family and home. But will she stay? Or will she be forced to disappear yet again? But Leah doesn't let this arrival stop her, and tries to manipulate the newcomer to get what she's been dying for. But she soon comes across the fact that it might not be so easy. Questions will be answered, hearts will sing, and tears will flow.
8 8 "Some Shocked Witches" Sol Totally Witchy November 25, 2012 186
Poster 1x08
After a startling revelation of true feelings, everyone is less shocked and confused by them. Meanwhile, in the big city of San Francisco, an old line of witches who worship the Triple Goddess are being hunted down by a powerful warlock. The Destined Ones are at it again, saving the world, saving lives, love, and most of all... Family.
9 9 "Aunty Dearest" Sol Totally Witchy December 2, 2012 187
Poster 1x09
After finding out about her son and niece´s relationship, Piper wants to spend time with her niece Prue, so she can show her there´s no problem in being a good mother-in-law. Beknownst to Piper, this drives Prue to the brink of despair. And to make matter worse, Wyatt is not being very helpful. After learning about a mysterious kidnapping that took place years ago, Wyatt ropes Junior and Melinda into helping him solve it. Elsewhere, Chris is fighting his own battle as he tries to tell Andrea about his pretty little secret.
10 10 "Sex and San Francisco´s Little Girls" Sol Totally Witchy December 9, 2012 188
Poster 1x10
When a young witch is in trouble, it's up to Wyatt, Chris, and Prue to protect her. But what they don't know, is that she is hiding something very dangerous. Elsewhere, Prue is irritated when outside forces keep interrupting her and Wyatt from having any alone time, and takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Tamora enlists Melinda and Charlotte's help when she believes her newest fling has dark intentions...
11 11 "Little Monster Turns Big" Sol Totally Witchy December 16, 2012 189
Poster 1x11
When an innocent The Charmed Ones saved years before, returns to town he instantly turns everything upside down. He comes to get the Halliwells help when his dangerous family starts following him. For his family is bent on destroying him. In the meantime, Melinda is forced to deal with old feelings. And when Andrea's startling discovery about the Halliwells threatens everything, Prue puts in a helping hand.
12 12 "Bite or Get Bitten" Sol Totally Witcby March 17, 2013 190
Poster 1x12
Desperate to cause even more madness, Leah enlists the help of an old friend to get to the Halliwells. But this friend has her own agenda. Meanwhile, Melinda and Damon are growing closer, and Melinda grows more conflicted by the day. Elsewhere, a powerful voicemail could seriously jeopardize the Twice Blessed Children's relationship if found.
13 13 "When Two Make You Feel Confused" Sol Totally Witchy March 24, 2013 191
Poster 1x13
A voice mail on Prue´s phone leaves her and Wyatt in the middle of a crisis, and fighting more than ever. Meanwhile a female demon uses Prue to mess with Leah. Fed up with Leah's antics, Prue makes a deal with someone unexpected, surprising everybody that knows her. And finally, an arrival of someone from Prue´s past promises to wreck even more havoc.
14 14 "Take My Soul Away" Sol Totally Witchy March 31, 2013 192
Poster 1x14
When Eric Sullivan rolls back into town, Prue finds her heart torn between two men. In the meantime, Wyatt is starting to lose faith in his relationship with the love of his life. With love rising and drowning, a viscous demon teaches his kids to hunt... To hunt pure souls, and with a long list the first one happens to be the most recent resident in town.
15 15 "Point of no Return... For Now" Sol Totally Witchy April 7, 2013 193
Poster 1x15
When Prue fails to vanquish a nasty beast, she puts the life of an innocent girl in danger. To make a bad situation worse, she and Wyatt might not be able to work together because of their cracking hearts. But things get ugly when Charlotte and Damon are next on the beast's list of victims. Adding to the trouble, Eric is getting closer and closer to Prue. Will he be able to break her and Wyatt apart? Will Prue and Wyatt be able to put there differences aside long enough to rescue their family? Or will another name be crossed off the list?
16 16 "Pruemageddon" Sol Totlly Witchy April 14, 2013 194
Poster 1x16
Now armed with what something close to her really means, Prue is more than upset when she learns that the person she loved the most lied to her. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Leah hides a powerful monster that no one´s seen before, in the last place anyone would look. And when Prue takes a turn for the dark side, only Wyatt has the key to unlocking her good side once again: If he can find it in time. A strong promise is made, and an even stronger fear is born. Will Prue be able to be good again? Will she be the all good Prue everybody loves? Or will the new Queen get what she wants?
17 17 "P3 Means..." Sol Totally Witchy April 21, 2013 195
Poster 1x17
After the truth of what P3 really means, Prue feels that her dream of owning the club might just have to end. But she isn't just battling her own feelings, she's battling Wyatt's as well. For he is willing to use his old tricks on the people wanting to purchase P3. Meanwhile, the Twins and Cassandra meet an unlikely friend and decide to play detective with him. Elsewhere, two lovebirds decide to keep their everlasting romance in the closet. Finally, a very special alliance is made promising that better times are on the horizon.
18 18 "The Inspector Is Back" Sol TotallyWitchy April 28, 2013 196
Poster 1x18
When an unexpected family member suddenly returns, everyone is left in shock and awe. Meanwhile, an old friend of the sisters needs help - magical help - and this unexpected family member is determined to help. Faced with an old pact and an angry demon, the Charmed Ones will try to undo it before it's too late. Meanwhile, Wyatt is bending over backwards to prove to Prue that he can do P3 and the Bay Mirror at the same time. But Wyatt isn't the only one with something to prove; Chris is trying to convince Andrea that their relationship can still work, but for her it's not that easy. Will he be forced to let go? And someone's long wait to join the Halliwell family is finally revealed.
19 19 "The L Word" Sol Totally Witchy May 5, 2013 197
Poster 1x19
On the morning of Prue and Wyatt's birthday, two unlikely species have a big gift to give them: The special gift of looking at their past lives. Along the way they recall there actions from a long time ago. Revealing the secrets they haven't yet revealed to each other. Elsewhere, the twins, Junior, Cassandra, and Demetria - who has come for a visit - try to get rid of an Acheri while getting everything ready for a special Birthday Party. Meanwhile, Melinda and Damon are struggling to keep a secret hidden from the ones who know them the most. In the end, will a kiss be enough to say how good love is?
20 20 "Witch Hunter" Sol Totally Witchy May 12, 2013 198
Poster 1x20
With the witch hunters closer than ever, the Halliwell girls are suddenly running for their lives. On the lookout for the people who wants them dead the most, Melinda's secret heart is revealed. Meanwhile, when a plan to protect the girls goes south, Chris and Junior hatch a dangerous and deadly plan to save them. Elsewhere, Piper and Phoebe enlist the help of Wyatt to set a trap for a Witch Hunter. But he turns out to have a deadly surprise of his own. Will he end up catching them? Will love and family conquer all? Or will they be hanged for there crimes?
21 21 "The Wicked Day - Part I" Sol TotallyWitchy May 19, 2014 199
Poster 1x21
A secret that two people have tried to desperately keep hidden is finally revealed, and Wyatt finally snaps... Meanwhile, Prue is desperate to get to the bottom of a life changing Premonition, and the numberless clock is ticking. After finding a spell that requires the power of three, they make a time altering trip to the future. Will Prue get what she wanted? Or will the truth be too much to bear? Elsewhere, The Power Of Three finally get to know what their biggest enemy really wants. But by the time they figure it out, is it to late to stop the plan? Will Leah succeed? Or will the Halliwells beat her once and for all?
22 22 "The Wicked Day - Part II" Sol Totally Witchy May 26, 2013 200
Poster 1x22
After a life altering change, the Halliwells are faced with the ultimate battle; An Evil Wyatt. The truth is enough to rattle the Halliwells; but none more than Piper. A surprise visit from the Elders leads Prue and Piper to the brink of fury; Chris meets someone from another time, and an important question is asked...

And in the epic Season Finale of Destined, only One. Will. Win. Will good prevail? Or will darkness take another victim?

Season 2

Nº in series Nº in season Title Written by Episode Plot Written by Original air date Nº Charmed universe
23 1 "The Devil You (Don´t) Know" Sol Totally Witchy September 29, 2013 201
Poster 2x01
After the jaw dropping season finale, Destined returns with twice the magic, twice the drama, and twice the demons.

Phoebe and Coop's relationship has been rocky lately, so the Elders send a not-so-welcome guest to help them re-spark that flame. Meanwhile, a mysterious "witch" plays victim to get close to Chris, but in doing so she brings in some very nasty creatures. Elsewhere, Wyatt gives Prue something she'll never forget.

24 2 "The Worries of an Angel" Sol Totally Witchy October 6, 2013 202
Poster 2x02
Pandora's job is in her reach, but she has to prove herself worthy of it, but things go wrong when evil finds out. Elsewhere, when Prue and Bianca meet things don't go as planned when bad vibes fly. Prue turns to Wyatt for help on depicting a warning, and Wyatt asks Melinda to investigate the source. Also, Tamora and Michael are growing closer, but Junior's brotherly instincts tell him that something isn't right...Things are looking up for Chris and Bianca, especially when Chris and Wyatt reveal some great news.
25 3 "No Rest For The Phoenix" Sol Totally Witchy October 13, 2013 203
Poster 2x03
As Prue´s suspicions for Bianca arise, Bianca turns to a third party for help. Not long after, chaos erupts in Prue's life, and she and Wyatt have an out of body experience. Just a coincidence? Or is evil closer than ever? Elsewhere, Michael makes a big decision, and hearts are getting closer.
26 4 "The Witch From Another Time" Sol Totally Witchy October 20, 2013 204
Poster 2x04
Things aren't getting better between Bianca and Prue, and when Prue states that she firmly believes Bianca is evil, it causes a large ripple between her and Chris. Prue, now more obsessed than ever, enlists Junior's help to find out more about Bianca. After casting a spell, they are sent to a dark reality, and learn more than they intended to.
27 5 "Sickness From Hell" Sol Totally Witchy October 27, 2013 205
Poster 2x05
After learning the truth about who Bianca is, Piper becomes match-breaker along with Prue and Junior to break-up Chris and Bianca. But when Chris is told who the apple of his eye really is, he has a shocking reaction. Elsewhere, the hospital finds itself in the middle of a demonic disease with no cure, and tragedy strikes the Halliwell's. Elsewhere, Bianca finds herself feeling more than she thought she would for a certain Halliwell, and remembers a promise.
28 6 "Phoenix is Coming" Sol Totally Witchy November 3, 2013 206
Poster 2x06
When Chris sees the truth, it causes him to be thrown into a tailspin. Melinda, Charlotte, Cassandra, and Pandora find and help an unlikely friend; An ugly confrontation takes place, and Bianca is backed into a corner and forced to pull out all her cards. Finally, Phoebe shows Chris something she's kept hidden from every version of him.
29 7 "Teenagers Mitchell" Sol Totally Witchy November 10, 2013 207
Poster 2x07
It's time for the annual festival! Everyone is going for different reasons, but once there, things get a little out of hand... After Tamora and Pandora , have an argument, the twins - plus Junior - are cursed by a rather interesting Gypsy that turns them into Teenagers. Also, a guilt ridden Chris is on edge as he waits for news from Bianca, but is pulled out of his worries when he too has an encounter with a Gyspy at the Festival. It's a race against time to fix the twins before their graduation, and Charlotte gets some exciting news about her Career.
30 8 "The Song of The Phoenix" Sol Totally Witchy November 17, 2013 208
Poster 2x08
Chris and Wyatt hurry to prepare for the grand opening of Mirror's Magazine, and try to block out the craziness going on around them. But Chris is having a hard time with that, as he keeps thinking about Bianca, so he enlists the help of his brother and Prue. Elsewhere, Melinda, Tamora, Mike and Damon decide to hit the town for a fun night out. But when Melinda attracts the spirit of a dead french lover, things get a little towild.

And in the shocking Spring Finale, a Halliwell gets captured, an epic final battle between the Phoenix's and the Halliwell brothers erupts, and in the very last scene, a huge revelation that No one. Sees. Coming. Will they all make it to the end? Or will the Song of The Phoenix take them down?

31 9 "A Nightmare on Prescott Street" Sol Totally Witchy November 24, 2013 209
Poster 2x09
When a demon who kills in dreams appears, its presence starts to change the inhabitants of Prescott Street to live there lives to the fullest: Before they die. As people's personality's begin to change and bodies are piling up, the hunt for a demonic serial killer begins. Will they figure it out in time? Or will this be a dream they will never forget?
32 10 "The Return of The Source" Sol Totally Witchy December 1, 2013 210
Poster 2x10
The Source of All Evil is back, and wants revenge on the Halliwells, and wants nothing more then to see her enemies dead. But that's just the beginning of the Halliwell's troubles. They quickly make a plan to rescue him and defeat Leah once and for all. But things go for worse to awful, when there plan fails and she gets a hold of a Halliwell and has no intention - or need - to keep it alive...
33 11 "Leah´s Fall" Sol Totally Witchy December 8, 2013 211
Poster 2x11
With her plan playing out perfectly, Leah has all the odds on her side, and continues to play warden to inmate Prue Halliwell. There's only one final step left to getting her revenge and breaking Prue forever; by destroying the ones she loves the most. As everyone scrambles to find her, a plan comes out that puts everyone's lives at risk.

And in the shocking episode you've been waiting for; an iron mask will fall, a prediction of darkness is made, a new coven arises, and one female will meet her fate.

34 12 "Roaring Twenties" Sol Totally Witcby March 9, 2014 212
Poster 2x12
After years of gaining new powers, a demon opens a portal to help his past life finish a job he failed to do: Kill William Halliwell. If he succeeds, it would drastically change the Halliwell and Mitchell Line. In a wild attempt to stop the demon, the Elders open their own portal and send three Destined Ones back to the Roaring Twenties!
35 13 "Saving Inspector Junior" Sol Totally Witchy March 26, 2014 213
Poster 2x13
When Junior receives a mysterious letter asking Junior to meet the sender, he quickly decides that the person means nothing to him, and disregards it. But when a magical ring shows up, and Henry tries it on and it causes him to age rapidly. This makes it a race against the clock to break an unbreakable curse, and free Junior before its to late...
36 14 "Sin City" Sol Totally Witchy March 23, 2014 214
Poster 2x14
When people start showing up dead at HMB, the Destined Ones take an interest, and learn that an Evil Witch is killing them because they are "sinners". Meanwhile, Coop asks Prue to talk with Cassandra because she is not focusing on her Cupid side, which leads to a giant decision and a reveal.
37 15 "Final Fling Before the Ring" Sol Totally Witchy March 30, 2014 215
Poster 2x15
Its time for the bride and groom to have one last hoorah, but what should be a fun time quickly goes south... When Chris's surprise guest for Wyatt turns out to be a Succubus out to kill them all, they have to act fast before she kills anyone else. Elsewhere, Prue's party starts out well, but when you mix magic with alcohol, secrets will be revealed. And when Prue runs into someone, her warm feet start to turn ice cold...
38 16 "A Thousand Years" Sol Totlly Witchy April 6, 2014 216
Poster 2x16
Two days before Prue and Wyatt's big day, they get into an argument which leads to them being put under a spell and their souls travel a thousand years back in time. But back at home, Davina and the Shadow Witches, make sure that Prue and Wyatt don't wake up just yet. And on the day of the wedding, old souls connect, tears will flow, and two hearts will be made into one.
39 17 "Dating the Devil" Sol Totally Witchy April 13, 2014 217
Poster 2x17
With Valentine's Day rolling in again, Pandora is set on not spending it alone this year. Eager to find love, she signs up for online dating. But instead of finding perfect love, she finds the darkest heart around and winds up dating a warlock. But Pandora isn't the only one with love on her mind, Cassandra has found herself a new and dangerous guy, and if she isn't careful he might take more than just her heart...
40 18 "Shadows are Coming" Sol TotallyWitchy April 20, 2014 218
Poster 2x18
Wyatt and Prue return from their honeymoon, and find themselves playing catch-up on what they have missed. Because of this, the Shadows notice a weak-spot in the Charmed Ones normally tough exterior, and reveal themselves to them. After being summoned to the Shadows Temple, they are given an offer that they might not be able to refuse. And in the end, a decision will be made that could change the world and humanity's free will... Forever.
41 19 "The Witches Game" Sol Totally Witchy April 27, 2014 219
Poster 2x19
As the Charmed Ones prepare for the ritual to become Shadow Witches, the rest of their family tries to figure out how to stop them and what to do about their decision. But when a former Shadow Witch appears and tells all, the Halliwells are shocked to their core. And by the end, the world and the human race itself will never be the same again...
42 20 "Genesis" Sol Totally Witchy May 4, 2014 220
Poster 2x20
As everyone struggles to adjust to the a world ruled by Shadow Witches, some are happy with the new world, while others are not pleased at all. The Shadows will do everything in their power to make sure their new world doesn't fall apart. But in order to do so, they must manipulate the minds of the people who question them, and put everything at stake... Including the lives, marriages, and alliances of the Halliwell Family.
43 21 "The Heart Brings You Back" Sol TotallyWitchy May 11, 2014 221
Poster 2x21
After the Shadows find out about Wyatt not accepting their new world, they take extreme measures to change his mind; but they also lie to Prue and the Charmed Ones about what they are really doing. But Tamora finds out the truth, and when she relays it to the other Charmed Ones, they start to question if they can fix their mistake before time runs out.
44 22 "My Sister's Keeper" Sol Totally Witchy May 18, 2014 222
Poster 2x22
Prue and Charlotte work together to get Cassandra away from her boyfriend, but things take a dramatic turn, leaving them in terrible jeopardy. Elsewhere, Junior receives a power at the time he needs it the most, and saves the life of the man he never thought about. While Chris prepares a life changing surprise for Bianca and is ready to move forwards with their relatioship, Pandora runs away from her actions/relationship with Drew. Finally, after a devastating chain of events, Cassandra is forced to make the most painful decision of her life.

Season 3

Nº in series Nº in season Title Written by Episode Plot Written by Original air date Nº Charmed universe
45 1 "Like a Phoenix, I Rise" Sol Totally Witchy September 28, 2014 223
Poster 3x01
As Chris and Bianca prepare to tie the knot, two people from her past appear and try to wreck her happy day. They cause alliances to shift, Prue to come face-to-face with an old enemy, and people to think twice about who Bianca Wright really is. But while everyone is sidetracked with their personal battles, a new threat is brewing that the Destined Ones won't be expecting, and might not be ready to face...
46 2 "Evil Becomes Her" Sol Totally Witchy October 5, 2014 224
Poster 3x02
Ignatius sets the next part of his plan into motion, and uses a device that turns Charlotte malicious and a danger to her family and friends. As Prue races to save her, she soon fears that the bond she once shared with her sister may be lost forever. Meanwhile, a recently married Chris and Bianca run into a ghost problem during their honeymoon.
47 3 "My Inner Whitelighter" Sol Totally Witchy October 12, 2014 225
Poster 3x03
Melinda prepares a lunch truce between Prue and Charlotte, but it takes a sour turn quickly. Meanwhile, Tamora finally meets her new charge, the successful and very powerful, Sebastian Whitmore. But things take a deadly turn when Ignatius sends a deadly demon after Sebastian, in the hopes of retrieving the book he needs to complete his plan.
48 4 "Whatever You Do, Don't. Turn. Dark!" Sol Totally Witchy October 19, 2014 226
Poster 3x04
When Melinda discovers a murdered witch's baby, she quickly enlists Bianca to help her care for him. But when the baby's demonic father shows up, things take a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, Prue and Chris spend some quality time together, which leads to Prue confessing a long held secret.
49 5 "As Dark as Jarves" Sol Totally Witchy October 26, 2014 227
Poster 3x05
As Wyatt prepares a surprise for Prue that will hopefully spark things between them, Prue declines her suitor's romantic gestures once again. But his response is much more shocking than she imagined, and it is up to Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda to save her. But in the end, does the temptation of darkness outweigh the light of true love?
50 6 "Halloweentown" Sol Totally Witchy November 2, 2014 228
Poster 3x06
It's Halloween, and that means festivity's, parties, and getting to be someone else for the night. But for the Destined Ones and company, the latter becomes a deadly reality when Ignatius plays a wicked trick that turns them into their costumes. Before long, the Evil Queen, Snow White, Snow's Prince Charming, the Queen of Hearts, and many more are unleashed upon the world, and cause some unbelievable mayhem...
51 7 "Legacy of the Father" Sol Totally Witchy November 9, 2014 229
Poster 3x07
Melissa, frantic from a recent break in, calls Wyatt and Chris for help. But things take a magical turn when Melissa reveals a highly coveted family heirloom, and they both end up in the villainous hands of Ignatius. Elsewhere, Prue's powers both confirm a story and leave her terrified. But as worlds collide, lives intertwine, and secrets are revealed, magic might not be enough to stop what's been started.
52 8 "What Hurts the Most" Sol Totally Witchy November 16, 2014 230
Poster 3x08
Second chances, family secrets, couples therapy, and confessions of love. What may seem like a normal day in the Destined One's life, quickly spiral's out of control...

A forgetful Sebastian asks Tamora for one more chance to take her out, but his question takes a strange turn when he confides his family secret in her. Now knowing the identity of the woman Sebastian wishes to find, Tamora brings the girl to the people she thinks can help. Meanwhile, a fun night for the Halliwell Girls turns disastrous when some old demons return to seek revenge.

And in a shocking turn of events, secrets are revealed, a plan is set into motion, and a beloved character meets a dark fate.

53 9 "Lost Girls" Sol Totally Witchy November 23, 2014 231
Poster 3x09
Tamora, still reeling from an unexpected tragedy, finds herself swallowed in grief - and wanting answers. Prue searches for the answers to both her and Tamora's questions, but what she finds could be more than she asked for... Meanwhile, Cassandra helps a struggling witch but ends up helping herself as well.
54 10 "From This Forgotten Prison" Sol Totally Witchy November 30, 2014 232
Poster 3x10
With only one episode left until the shocking mid-season finale, Prue's dreams of The Darkness continue and she becomes more determined than ever to unearth more about the past, a shocking fight erupts, and Ignatius manages to find the last ingredient he needs to free the Darkness once and for all. As things fall out of the Destined One's control, a dangerous ritual is started, secrets are revealed, and a shocking person returns...
55 11 "Stand by You" Sol Totally Witchy December 7, 2014 233
Poster 3x11
In the heart-pounding shocking mid-season finale of Destined, secrets are revealed, anger released, and Darkness has arrived... An unexpected person tries to convince Wyatt to tell Prue his secret, but fate plays a wicked trick and Prue finds out in the worst way possible, which leads to an explosive fight that leaves their relationship in question. But the Destined Ones are soon forced to put their feelings and battles aside when a tense meeting turns disastrous, and someone leaves the world too soon... Is it too late to save the things they love the most? Or has destiny been set?
56 12 "Darkness is Here" Sol Totally Witcby March 1, 2015 234
3x12 Poster
As we pick up from where we left our heroes, no one is in a good spot. Prue and Wyatt struggle to fix their differences, Melinda and Damon's relationship is all but in shatters, and the Darkness is finally freed from his prison. As he works on building his army and creating a weapon that can protect as well as defend demons, he makes his first move against the Halliwell's; unleashing a Harpy upon them. The Destined Ones are forced to put their personal and professional issues aside when it attacks, and when humans start to be affected by The Darkness' presence on earth.

As the second and final part of Season 3 kicks off, a new plan is set in motion, a decision is made, and an identity is revealed. Will any of them survive what is to come? Or will The Darkness defeat The Light?

57 13 "Tell me what's your Fear, I'll tell you how you'll Die" Sol Totally Witchy March 8, 2015 235
Poster 3x13
Gadreel, coveting more than he already has, summons the Demon of Fear to help him in the next part of his plan; forcing the Destined Ones to confront their fears. As Barbas attacks them, they are faced with one of the worst battles they've ever encountered; the battle of the mind. In order to survive, The Destined Ones must break free of the chains of fear, but fear is not as easy to overcome as one might think. Will they survive? Or will they fall victim to fear?
58 145 "Blood to Blood, Return to Me" Sol Totally Witchy March 15, 2015 236
Poster 3x14
After the devastating events of the last episode, the Halliwell family is left in shambles. As they struggle to accept a heartbreaking fate, old faces return and new alliances are formed. And in the breathtaking new episode of Destined, a battle ensues, a fate is sealed, and two souls are put in graves. Can the Halliwell family survive? Or will death take another?
59 15 "Raising Hell" Sol Totally Witchy March 22, 2015 237
Poster 3x15
After losing an innocent to a power-immune warlock with a mysterious athame, Prue, and Chris are forced to put their grief aside to save the lives of innocent witches. While Prue and Chris embark on a dangerous mission, Melinda starts to doubt her Wiccan abilities -- just as she begins to feel the allure of power. Elsewhere, while Cassandra runs into an old friend... Who is also infected with Darkness! And in a new episode of Destined, a part of a plan is revealed, the thirst for power is higher than ever, and Prue sees an impossible future.
60 16 "Fallen Angels" Sol Totally Witchy March 29, 2015 238
Poster 3x16
In a series of riveting flashbacks, Gadreel tells his story to a shocked Wyatt, forcing old secrets and sins to resurface. Meanwhile, seeking answers to a strange vision, Prue heads to New Orleans and receives a surprising answer from Piper. As she wonders about her vision, she goes back to the Book of the Angel's and is shocked at what she sees. Elsewhere, when Ignatius releases a serial killer from prison and arms him with an Athame, Henry and Junior race to arrest him before more innocent blood is shed. And after a series of shocking events, Junior makes a choice that haunts him, an old friend returns, and the past is finally revealed.
61 17 "Heart of Darkness" Sol Totally Witchy April 5, 2015 239
Poster 3x17
A concerned Olivia tries to help a guilt-ridden Junior, but she might be in for more than she bargained for. Meanwhile, a family meeting takes a bad turn when Prue and Tamora clash over their differing views, forcing Prue to show why she is Twice-Blessed. But Prue is soon forced to put aside her familial differences when Nathaniel Halliwell makes a shocking return and brings old secrets and feelings with him. However, Gadreel is less than happy to learn about Nate and his past with Prue and decides to take matters into his own hands... And in a shocking turn of events, Nate reveals a surprising secret, Prue realizes the truth, and Wyatt learns Gadreel's true plan.
62 18 "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here" Sol TotallyWitchy April 12, 2015 240
Poster 3x18
With the world falling into chaos, the Halliwell's race against time to stop Darkness in order to free the world -and each other, from its grip. An already rigorous situation takes a turn for the worst when two sisters collide in an outlash of rage, just as Paige and Phoebe return to monitor the situation. Elsewhere, Paige's return leads to a pivotal conversation between her and Tamora revealing the truth behind Tamora's recent hatred, while Chris' powers advance in a new way. Lastly, as the world collides with Darkness, Prue battles her inner light and darkness after she comes face-to-face with Gadreel, and a beloved life is taken changing everything forever. Will they survive? Or will they succumb to the darkness inside?
63 19 "Out of Light, Into the Darkness" Sol Totally Witchy April 19, 2015 241
Poster 3x19
With the world falling into chaos, the Halliwell's race against time to stop Darkness in order to free the world -and each other, from its grip. An already rigorous situation takes a turn for the worst when two sisters collide in an outlash of rage, just as Paige and Phoebe return to monitor the situation. Elsewhere, Paige's return leads to a pivotal conversation between her and Tamora revealing the truth behind Tamora's recent hatred, while Chris' powers advance in a new way. Lastly, as the world collides with Darkness, Prue battles her inner light and darkness after she comes face-to-face with Gadreel, and a beloved life is taken changing everything forever. Will they survive? Or will they succumb to the darkness inside?
64 20 "Fantastic Nine" Sol Totally Witchy April 26, 2015 242
Poster 3x20
Chris believes that it is possible to get Prue back to the light, and summons the Angel of Death, among others, to finally receive the truth about his brother. After a chain of events leads the remaining Destined Ones to the Underworld, they set out to stop a not-so-holy union from happening, and find a long-lost family member. Will they succeed in bringing Prue back to the light? Or is there no light left to save?
65 21 "Darkness Vs. Light" Sol TotallyWitchy May 3, 2015 243
Poster 3x21
After the shocking events of the last episode, Gadreel gives Prue an ultimatum, which launches her on a dangerous trip to find someone who may hold the key to destroying Darkness once and for all. Meanwhile, Darkness strikes Earth with the intent to destroy - putting everyone in danger. Finally, the battle between light and darkness comes to a head, a soul is lost, choices are forced to be made, and the entire world is at stake.
66 22 "Life Goes On" Sol Totally Witchy May 10, 2015 244
Poster 3x22
With Darkness defeated, the world starts to return to normal, and that includes the lives of the Destined Ones. When Marco Delgado arrives at the doorstep of the Halliwell family asking for magical assistance, Prue is forced to help. Meanwhile, the Destined Ones must face a near-future of parting ways.

And in the season three finale event, a dangerous new evil arrives, a glimpse into what the future holds is shown, and we say goodbye to the world we knew.

Season 4

Nº in series Nº in season Title Written by Episode Plot Written by Original air date Nº Charmed universe
67 1 "All Halliwells Gathered Together" Sol Totally Witchy September 27, 2015 245
Poster 4x01
With the Halliwell-Mitchell family together again, they find that in some ways things are the same, but in others, they couldn't be more different. As they return, they bring secrets, breakups, old wounds, and surprising news with them; Junior, Cassandra, and Melinda deal with the aftermath of their respective breakups, while Prue and Wyatt reach a crossroads in their relationship. Meanwhile, Chris and Bianca's relationship is never better, and the couple surprises the family with exciting news. However, the Halliwells aren't the only ones who have changed in two years - evil is back and ready for revenge. Ruby starts to put her plan into motion and sends a powerful new demon after Prue - just as she is having trouble with her powers.

And in the riveting season four premier episode, old wounds are opened, secrets are revealed, and a great tale is started.

68 2 "Whitelighters Beware" Sol Totally Witchy October 4, 2015 246
Poster 4x02
Prue and Wyatt reveal their exciting news to their family, and are surprised at their family's reaction. Meanwhile, A strange woman, Jo, arrives in San Francisco and is quickly hired at P3, only for the club to be attacked by a group of Darklighters aiming to kill, forcing the Halliwells to reveal themselves to Jo, whose reaction surprises everyone. Elsewhere, Junior receives an intervention from both his fathers, and has a drink with an old friend. Later, in a dangerous collision of emotion, power, and circumstance, Wyatt loses control and unleashes his powerful side. Finally, a confrontation is made, a dark wizard arrives, and hidden family secrets start to rise. Can our hero's handle what's about to come? Or will all be hidden once more?
69 3 "Now Grandmammas, Still Charmed" Sol Totally Witchy October 11, 2015 247
Poster 4x03
After years of being in and out, Prudence, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige return to San Francisco to see their expecting family members; Piper, thrilled to be a Grandmother, attempts to bond with Prue and Bianca by sharing maternal advice and objects, but Prue's frustrations threaten to get in the way. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Bianca attempt to bond over the unborn child, while Paige teams-up with Henry and Christopher in an attempt to get through to Junior. Elsewhere, Chris and Melissa discover that a big company's CEO is being advised by a demon, who's actually working for Ruby, and Chris sets-out to vanquish the demon with help from Wyatt, and their cousins. Finally, Melissa reveals a moment from her past to Junior, Melinda attempts to discover the truth about the future from Jo, and the Charmed Ones deal with rats.
70 4 "Pardon My Past: Alex’s Unknown Story" Sol Totally Witchy October 18, 2015 248
Poster 4x04
When Alex starts to have vivid nightmares of himself dying that affect him while he's awake, he asks Wyatt for help. Wyatt discovers that Alex is linked to an ancient story, and believes that Alex may be remembering a past life. Wyatt enlists Prue's help, and, after a dangerous vision, Prue, Melinda, and Jo travel back in time in hope's of learning more. Elsewhere, Chris and Bianca attend an ultrasound, and Melinda makes a surprising discovery.
71 5 "The Evil Eye" Sol Totally Witchy October 25, 2015 249
Poster 4x05
Evelina Nicolae asks the Halliwell's for help after her mother, Ava, is attacked, and her family's talisman needs protecting from a powerful demon. The Destined Ones agree to help, but after a slew of misinformed leads them to the wrong demon, they find themselves pressed for time to find Jannes before it's to late. Meanwhile, Melinda struggles to balance her relationship with both Liam and Damon, putting her in an awkward position, while Junior's romantic past comes back to haunt him, forcing him to open up to a surprising friend. Finally, after a series of events, the Nicolae gypsy's are forced to consider a world where the Evil Eye is in the wrong hands, the pieces of Ruby's plan fall into place, and a piece of Jo's past is revealed.
72 6 "The Silence of The Order" Sol Totally Witchy November 1, 2015 250
Poster 4x06
Chris and Melissa investigate an order of Monks, and uncover a sinister spirit, causing the Mitchell's to lend a helping hand. Meanwhile, Jo settles in at P3, but discovers a financial error and, despite being warned by Prue to stay away, continues to investigate and forces a long-held secret to unravel. Meanwhile, Wyatt secretly teams up with Sebastian under unconventional circumstances, and Prue makes a decision about her unborn child's health. Elsewhere, Ruby becomes a partner in Prescott Group and introduces herself to her employees, including Cassandra.
73 7 "A Little Ruby of Me" Sol Totally Witchy November 8, 2015 251
Poster 4x07
With Prescott Group almost in her grip, Ruby creates a devious plan to get rid of Julian Prescott once and for all, and plans a twisted murder. But when the S.F.P.D. opens an official investigation into Julian's mysterious death with Henry and Junior at the helm, things quickly escalate. They unknowingly follow the breadcrumbs left by Ruby, and find a surprising end. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Chris recruit Cassandra and Junior into their own investigation into Prescott Group, while Prue and Wyatt discuss names for their baby, and Bianca discovers her baby's gender. Elsewhere, two intertwined stories are told in a series of flashbacks, revealing more about the Red Witch and how she came to be. And in a surprising flash-forward, a glimpse into the future is seen.
74 8 "Stormy Leather" Sol Totally Witchy November 15, 2015 252
Poster 4x08
A recently recuperated Jannes seeks help from the Demonatrix, who attack Pandora at her office, forcing Junior, Tamora, and Jo to get involved. Along the way, Tamora makes a discovery about Jo, and the women of Destined go undercover to defeat the clan. Meanwhile, as Wyatt and Sebastian continue to search the library for answers, Chris' concern over his brother's new obsession grows, just as Prue's new attitude surprises everyone. Meanwhile, Melinda's love life complicates as she confides in Damon, while Liam asks her question that takes her off-guard. In the end, the Destined Ones overlook the Demonatrix's true target, forcing a surprising person to intervene. Also, Jannes takes the fight to Ruby with the help of Aisling.
75 9 "Secrets & Witches" Sol Totally Witchy November 22, 2015 253
Poster 4x09
Melinda experiences a series of strange events, and as she attempts to fix her troubling issue, Prue recruits Chris and Wyatt to help her discover a family secret about Melinda, but the truth changes everything. Meanwhile, Prue enlists Melissa in helping her find Jo's birth parents, while Cassandra helps Ivanna mourn her father's tragic death, and in a series of flashbacks, the truth about Melinda and Damon is revealed. Finally, Jo reveals a part of the future, while Prue remembers the past, and the truth is finally revealed.
76 10 "A Tale of Two Melindas" Sol Totally Witchy November 29, 2015 254
Poster 4x10
Piper and Leo finally tell Melinda their long-held secret, and Melinda's world falls apart. Struggling to cope with the recent news, Melinda's astral form comes alive and takes on a life of her own. Meanwhile, Jannes hires a Collector to push his plan forward, Damon realizes his relationship with Melinda might be more complicated than he thought, and Pandora's lover rolls into town. And in a series of flash-forwards, a beloved character is mourned, and both new and old faces return.
77 11 "Broken Ties" Sol Totally Witchy December 6, 2015 255
Poster 4x11
In the heart-pounding shocking mid-season finale of Destined, secrets are revealed, anger released, and Darkness has arrived... An unexpected person tries to convince Wyatt to tell Prue his secret, but fate plays a wicked trick and Prue finds out in the worst way possible, which leads to an explosive fight that leaves their relationship in question. But the Destined Ones are soon forced to put their feelings and battles aside when a tense meeting turns disastrous, and someone leaves the world too soon... Is it too late to save the things they love the most? Or has destiny been set?
78 12 "And So, We Meet at Last" Sol Totally Witcby December 13, 2015 256
Poster 4x12
79 13 "Truly Charmed" Sol Totally Witchy February 28, 2016 257
Poster 4x13
80 145 "TBA" Sol Totally Witchy March 6, 2016 258
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81 15 "TBA" Sol Totally Witchy March 13, 2016 259
Triqueta rosa
82 16 "TBA" Sol Totally Witchy March 20, 2016 260
Triqueta rosa
82 17 "TBA" Sol Totally Witchy March 27, 2016 261
Triqueta rosa
83 18 "TBA" Sol TotallyWitchy April 3, 2016 262
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84 19 "TBA" Sol Totally Witchy April 10, 2016 263
Triqueta rosa
85 20 "TBA" Sol Totally Witchy April 17, 2016 264
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86 21 "TBA" Sol TotallyWitchy April 24, 2016 265
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87 22 "TBA" Sol Totally Witchy May 1, 2016 266
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