Here´s a guide to the seasons of Destined:

Season 1 - Set from 2030 to 2031;

Season 2 - Set from 2031-2032;

Season 3 - Set from 2032-2033;

Season 4 - Set from 2035-2036; airing

Episode list

Nº in series Nº in season Title Written by Episode Plot Written by Original air date Nº Charmed universe
1 1 "Something Wicca This Way Comes...Again...Again" Sol Totally Witchy October 7, 2012 179
Poster 1x01
After 24 years, the battle between good and evil begins again. But this time it's up to the children of the Charmed Ones, to maintain the balance of good over evil. The Charmed Ones´s children must implement everything they have learned from the most powerful witches to ever walk the earth, in order to keep evil at bay.
2 2 "The New Face of The Charmed Ones" Sol Totally Witchy October 14, 2012 180
Poster 1x02
Hold on tight for another spellbinding, demon slaying episode of Destined! Because when six Destined Ones are kidnapped by demons, it's suddenly a scramble to free them. Meanwhile, a mysterious she-demon appears to wreck havoc for the Halliwell witches. But they are armed with a secret weapon that the she-demon doesn't see coming. But the Halliwells aren't the only ones with a secret to hide, because this she-demon has a special connection to the original Charmed Ones. Elsewhere, Prue, Melinda and Tamora find out a destiny that is made especially for them...
3 3 "Both Side of the Amulet" Sol Totally Witchy October 21, 2012 181
Poster 1x03
Two whitelighters and an innocent girl are in danger due to a powerful necklace that could cause chaos if in the wrong hands. Prue, Wyatt, Chris, Cassandra, Junior and Tamora show up to help them out. Meanwhile, Pandora and her mother, Paige, have to deal with a future whitelighter. Prue meets someone special while Wyatt starts fighting his heart's desires.
4 4 "Twins Troubles" Sol Totally Witchy October 28, 2012 182
Poster 1x04
The Mitchell Twins are trouble and their family knows it very well. But crazy is one thing, while reckless is another. Things take a turn for the bad when Pandora casts a spell on her bosses kids, and it doesn't go exactly as planned... Prue and Melinda try to help them to clean up another mess, but its not as easy as they thought. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Chris help Junior with some Ghost problems. Elsewhere, Prue and Jackson are getting serious in their relationship and are almost ready to take things to the next level...
5 5 "Love And Other Cupid´s Disasters" Sol Totally Witchy November 4, 2012 183
Poster 1x05
When a certain Cupid-Witch makes a disastrous mistake, she is in a race against time to fix things before things turn from horrible to unfixable. She will unwillingly need Prue to help her get out of this mess, but it won't be easy. Elsewhere, Prue´s love life isn't going perfectly easy either, as there is always one obstacle after another.
6 6 "Born Under a Twice Blessed Sign" Sol Totally Witchy November 11, 2012 184
Poster 1x06
Quite to contrary belief, Wyatt Halliwell wasn't the only Twice Blessed Child prophesied centuries ago. But someone else was, too. Unbeknownst to them, a powerful demon, gets free from his captivity and threatens the human race. He only needs one thing to succeed: The blood of a Twice Blessed Child. Will he succeed in his plan? Will darkness finally rule over the world?
7 7 "The History of Prudence Halliwell" Sol Totally Witchy November 18, 2012 185
Poster 1x07
Wyatt and Prue are in a virtual paradise, as their relationship has just started, and it's their little secret, locked away safely in their hearts... Or so they think. Elsewhere, a loved and missed family member returns and brings along some magical problems to solve. Its a heartfelt reunion as she reunites with her family and home. But will she stay? Or will she be forced to disappear yet again? But Leah doesn't let this arrival stop her, and tries to manipulate the newcomer to get what she's been dying for. But she soon comes across the fact that it might not be so easy. Questions will be answered, hearts will sing, and tears will flow.
8 8 "Some Shocked Witches" Sol Totally Witchy November 25, 2012 186
Poster 1x08
After a startling revelation of true feelings, everyone is less shocked and confused by them. Meanwhile, in the big city of San Francisco, an old line of witches who worship the Triple Goddess are being hunted down by a powerful warlock. The Destined Ones are at it again, saving the world, saving lives, love, and most of all... Family.
9 9 "Aunty Dearest" Sol Totally Witchy December 2, 2012 187
Poster 1x09
After finding out about her son and niece´s relationship, Piper wants to spend time with her niece Prue, so she can show her there´s no problem in being a good mother-in-law. Beknownst to Piper, this drives Prue to the brink of despair. And to make matter worse, Wyatt is not being very helpful. After learning about a mysterious kidnapping that took place years ago, Wyatt ropes Junior and Melinda into helping him solve it. Elsewhere, Chris is fighting his own battle as he tries to tell Andrea about his pretty little secret.
10 10 "Sex and San Francisco´s Little Girls" Sol Totally Witchy December 9th, 2012 188
Poster 1x10
When a young witch is in trouble, it's up to Wyatt, Chris, and Prue to protect her. But what they don't know, is that she is hiding something very dangerous. Elsewhere, Prue is irritated when outside forces keep interrupting her and Wyatt from having any alone time, and takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Tamora enlists Melinda and Charlotte's help when she believes her newest fling has dark intentions...
11 11 "Little Monster Turns Big" Sol Totally Witchy December 16th, 2012 189
Poster 1x11
When an innocent The Charmed Ones saved years before, returns to town he instantly turns everything upside down. He comes to get the Halliwells help when his dangerous family starts following him. For his family is bent on destroying him. In the meantime, Melinda is forced to deal with old feelings. And when Andrea's startling discovery about the Halliwells threatens everything, Prue puts in a helping hand.
12 12 "Bite or Get Bitten" Sol Totally Witcby March 17th, 2013 190
Poster 1x12
Desperate to cause even more madness, Leah enlists the help of an old friend to get to the Halliwells. But this friend has her own agenda. Meanwhile, Melinda and Damon are growing closer, and Melinda grows more conflicted by the day. Elsewhere, a powerful voicemail could seriously jeopardize the Twice Blessed Children's relationship if found.
13 13 "When Two Make You Feel Confused" Sol Totally Witchy March 24th, 2013 191
Poster 1x13
A voice mail on Prue´s phone leaves her and Wyatt in the middle of a crisis, and fighting more than ever. Meanwhile a female demon uses Prue to mess with Leah. Fed up with Leah's antics, Prue makes a deal with someone unexpected, surprising everybody that knows her. And finally, an arrival of someone from Prue´s past promises to wreck even more havoc.
14 14 "Take My Soul Away" Sol Totally Witchy March 31st, 2013 192
Poster 1x14
When Eric Sullivan rolls back into town, Prue finds her heart torn between two men. In the meantime, Wyatt is starting to lose faith in his relationship with the love of his life. With love rising and drowning, a viscous demon teaches his kids to hunt... To hunt pure souls, and with a long list the first one happens to be the most recent resident in town.
15 15 "Point of no Return... For Now" Sol Totally Witchy February 24, 1999 193
Poster 1x15
When Prue fails to vanquish a nasty beast, she puts the life of an innocent girl in danger. To make a bad situation worse, she and Wyatt might not be able to work together because of their cracking hearts. But things get ugly when Charlotte and Damon are next on the beast's list of victims. Adding to the trouble, Eric is getting closer and closer to Prue. Will he be able to break her and Wyatt apart? Will Prue and Wyatt be able to put there differences aside long enough to rescue their family? Or will another name be crossed off the list?
16 16 "Pruemageddon" Sol Totlly Witchy April 14, 2013 194
Poster 1x16
Now armed with what something close to her really means, Prue is more than upset when she learns that the person she loved the most lied to her. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Leah hides a powerful monster that no one´s seen before, in the last place anyone would look. And when Prue takes a turn for the dark side, only Wyatt has the key to unlocking her good side once again: If he can find it in time. A strong promise is made, and an even stronger fear is born. Will Prue be able to be good again? Will she be the all good Prue everybody loves? Or will the new Queen get what she wants?
17 17 "P3 Means..." Sol Totally Witchy April 7, 1999 195
Poster 1x17
After the truth of what P3 really means, Prue feels that her dream of owning the club might just have to end. But she isn't just battling her own feelings, she's battling Wyatt's as well. For he is willing to use his old tricks on the people wanting to purchase P3. Meanwhile, the Twins and Cassandra meet an unlikely friend and decide to play detective with him. Elsewhere, two lovebirds decide to keep their everlasting romance in the closet. Finally, a very special alliance is made promising that better times are on the horizon.
18 18 "The Inspector Is Back" Sol TotallyWitchy April 28, 1999 196
Poster 1x18
When an unexpected family member suddenly returns, everyone is left in shock and awe. Meanwhile, an old friend of the sisters needs help - magical help - and this unexpected family member is determined to help. Faced with an old pact and an angry demon, the Charmed Ones will try to undo it before it's too late. Meanwhile, Wyatt is bending over backwards to prove to Prue that he can do P3 and the Bay Mirror at the same time. But Wyatt isn't the only one with something to prove; Chris is trying to convince Andrea that their relationship can still work, but for her it's not that easy. Will he be forced to let go? And someone's long wait to join the Halliwell family is finally revealed.
19 19 "The L Word" Sol Totally Witchy May 5th, 2013 197
Poster 1x19
On the morning of Prue and Wyatt's birthday, two unlikely species have a big gift to give them: The special gift of looking at their past lives. Along the way they recall there actions from a long time ago. Revealing the secrets they haven't yet revealed to each other. Elsewhere, the twins, Junior, Cassandra, and Demetria - who has come for a visit - try to get rid of an Acheri while getting everything ready for a special Birthday Party. Meanwhile, Melinda and Damon are struggling to keep a secret hidden from the ones who know them the most. In the end, will a kiss be enough to say how good love is?
20 20 "Witch Hunter" Sol Totally Witchy May 12th, 2013 198
Poster 1x20
With the witch hunters closer than ever, the Halliwell girls are suddenly running for their lives. On the lookout for the people who wants them dead the most, Melinda's secret heart is revealed. Meanwhile, when a plan to protect the girls goes south, Chris and Junior hatch a dangerous and deadly plan to save them. Elsewhere, Piper and Phoebe enlist the help of Wyatt to set a trap for a Witch Hunter. But he turns out to have a deadly surprise of his own. Will he end up catching them? Will love and family conquer all? Or will they be hanged for there crimes?
21 21 "The Wicked Day - Part I" Sol TotallyWitchy May 19, 2014 199
Poster 1x21
A secret that two people have tried to desperately keep hidden is finally revealed, and Wyatt finally snaps... Meanwhile, Prue is desperate to get to the bottom of a life changing Premonition, and the numberless clock is ticking. After finding a spell that requires the power of three, they make a time altering trip to the future. Will Prue get what she wanted? Or will the truth be too much to bear? Elsewhere, The Power Of Three finally get to know what their biggest enemy really wants. But by the time they figure it out, is it to late to stop the plan? Will Leah succeed? Or will the Halliwells beat her once and for all?
22 22 "The Wicked Day - Part II" Sol Totally Witchy May 26, 2013 200
Poster 1x22
After a life altering change, the Halliwells are faced with the ultimate battle; An Evil Wyatt. The truth is enough to rattle the Halliwells; but none more than Piper. A surprise visit from the Elders leads Prue and Piper to the brink of fury; Chris meets someone from another time, and an important question is asked...

And in the epic Season Finale of Destined, only One. Will. Win. Will good prevail? Or will darkness take another victim?