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Season Two
Destined season 2 dvd cover front
Season information
No. of Episodes: 22
Originally Aired: September 29th, 2013 - May 18th, 2014
Premiere: The Devil You (Don´t) Know
Finale: My Sister's Keeper
Written by: Sol
Season chronology
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The Second Season of Destined is set from 2031 to 2032. It has a total of 22 episodes. Destined is a spin-off created by Sol based on WB hit series Charmed created by Constance M. Burge.


DESTINED RETURNS - Picking up from the end of where spell binding Season One ended, Season Two will kick off with revealing more about Chris and delving deeper into his history. Along with the Destined Ones normal hatchet of demons, a deadly and powerful new species will be introduced. And once again, the Destined Ones will have the fate of the world in their hands...

The Scripts

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Main Cast

Supporting and Recurring Cast



Notes & Trivia

  • Season 2 of Destined has a total of 22 episodes;
  • If one of the main characters does not appear in a particular episode, her/his name is credited any way;
  • If one of the recurring characters does not appear in a particular episode, their name won't be credited;
  • Prue and Wyatt's journey since Season One will be explored. deeply.
  • A new character named Bianca will be introduced, and is a potential love interest for Chris.
  • Past lives were shown twice in this season;
  • The Phoenix Witches have a prophecy about two main characters;
  • Season Two will have a wedding;
  • DVD Cover A was inspired by season 2 DVD cover of Charmed.