Roxie DeWitt


Biographical information
Physical description
Name: Roxie DeWitt
Born: 2012
Gender: Female
Species: Mortal
Marital: Single
Occupation: Student
Status: Alive
Best Friends:
Portrayed by: Anna Maria Perez de Tagle
Seasons: 1
First seen: 1x02 The New Face of The Charmed Ones
Last seen: N/A

Roxie DeWitt was created by Sol for Destined, a Spin Off of the tv hit series Charmed.

Roxie is a mortal friend of Cassandra Halliwell.


Roxie and Cassandra met in kindergarten. 

In Destined

Roxie is Cassandra Halliwell´s best friend and high school colleague. Both attend a journalism classes at City College of San Francisco

Roxie doesn´t know anything about Cassandra and her family being witches. She was very close to find out when she fell in love by Greg and Cassandra used her cupid powers to match them. The issue was that Greg was actually a demon that was trying to get to the Halliwells through Cassandra. Greg ended up feeling in love with Roxie and took her to the Underworld. Roxie was scared. Wyatt, Prue and Cassandra went to rescue her. They cast a spell to make her sleep and think that all that was just a dream. 


Roxie is very outgoing and friendly. She is bit dreamy.Roxie is a free spirit girl but very emotional.

Love Life

Connor-paolo - greg epi 5

Greg is a demon portrayed by Connor Paolo.

Roxie fell in love with Greg without knowing he was a demon. She thought he was a shy guy so she went to ask him out, but the guy gave her no answer and walked away. Roxie was disappointed. Cassandra found her crying and seeing Roxie feeling so sad decided to do something about it. Cassandra looked for Greg only to use her cupid powers on him and Roxie. Obviously, Cassandra didn´t know Greg was a demon. Greg took Roxie to the Underworld. He told his father that he had fallen in love with Roxie and he wouldn´t let Roxie leave. Wyatt, Prue and Cassandra went to the Underworld to rescue Roxie and Prue vanquished Greg. Wyatt and Cassandra took Roxie home and cast a spell on her so she would think that all that happen was nothing but a dream.

Professional Life

Roxie in the library

Roxie at the library.

Roxie is a high school student and is taking Journalism classes at City College of San Francisco.

Name´s Meaning

Roxie is a variant of Roxanne (Persian) and the meaning is "Dawn."

DeWitt is of Dutch origin and means "White."

Notes & Trivia

  • Roxie gave a bracelet to Cassandra and Cassandra gave Roxie a bracelet too. Those bracelets symbolize their friendship.