Peter Ross


Biographical information
Physical description
Name: Peter Ross
Born: 2004
Gender: Male
Species: Mortal
Marital: Single
Occupation: Waiter at Halliwell´s
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: Caucasian
Status: Alive
Best Friends:
Portrayed by: Michael Cassidy
Seasons: 1
First seen: 1x02 The New Face of The Charmed Ones
Last seen: N/A
Peter Ross was created by Sol for Destined, a Spin-Off of the tv hit series Charmed.

Peter Ross is a mortal man who works at Halliwell´s as a waiter. He can also be considered the right-hand man at Halliwell's, as Piper places him in charge of the restaurant whenever magical emergency's arise.


Peter started working as a waiter in Piper´s restaurant in 2028. He dated Melinda for a while, but nothing happened between them, as they realized they were better as friends.

In Destined

Peter is placed in charge of Halliwell´s whenever Piper needs him to be. This notably happens when magical emergency's arise, and the Halliwell family are occupied with these emergency's. However, Peter doesn´t know anything about the Halliwells secret. He is also a good friend towards Melinda.

When asked, Peter advices Melinda to tell Damon Morgan how she really feels about him.


Peter is good-looking, sweet, hard-worker and outgoing.

Love Life

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Melinda and Peter had a short dating that ended up as friendship.

Peter and Melinda when out on a few dates, but they ended up realizing that they should remain friends instead. Since deciding this, have remained close friends. After realizing her feelings for Damon Morgan, Melinda talked to Peter about what she should do. Peter advised her to tell Damon how she really feels, and see how it goes from there. 

Professional Life

Peter is a waiter and is responsible for Halliwell´s when the owners are out.

Name´s Meaning

Peter is of Greek origin and means "Rock."

Ross is of Scottish and Gaelic origin and means "Headland, Cape."

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