Matt Thomas


Kurt Long - Matt
Biographical information
Physical description
Name: Matt Thomas
Born: 1995
Gender: Male
Species: Mortal
Occupation: Reporter at Bay Mirror
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Kurt Long
Seasons: 1
First seen: 1x04 Twins Troubles
Last seen: 1x04 Twins Troubles

Matt Thomas was created by Sol for Destined, a Spin Off of the tv hit series Charmed. 

Matt is a reporter at the Bay Mirror.


Matt works as a reporter at the Bay Mirror. He has a brief guest appearance in the fourth episode of season 1. He was asking advices to Wyatt for an article he was working in.

He might have some short appearances in future episodes.

Notes & Trivia


So far, Matt has appeared in a total of 1 episode.

Season 1

Twins Troubles