Demons in 1x02

low level demons

Demons 1x02
Biographical information
Born: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Low Level Demons
Status: Dead
Magic and Powers
Active Powers:
  • Evil
Demon #1 Portrayed by: Mohammad
Demon #2 Portrayed by: Jason
Demon #3 Portrayed by: Mackenson
Demon #4 Portrayed by: Damon
Seasons: 1
First seen: 1x02 The New Face of The Charmed Ones
Last seen: 1x02 The New Face of The Charmed Ones

Demons in episode 1x02 were created by Sol for Destined, a Spin Off of the tv hit series Charmed.


These Low Level Demons were sent by Leah to kidnap six of the Destined Ones. They were vanquished along with some other demons in the Coronation Cave by the new Charmed Ones.


Active Powers

Mostly used by demons, it´s the ability to teleport oneself to a different place by a shimmer.
  • Low Level Demons Powers
These demons probably had some other abilities but they didn´t show it in Destined.

Notes & Trivia


  • Actors used to play Low Level demons in episode 1x02 were picked up at New Faces - Models & Talent. For more info, check the links below:
  1. Mohammad
  2. Jason
  3. Mackenson
  4. Damon