• MdaCHARMED2016

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    November 22, 2017 by MdaCHARMED2016

    Hello fellow wikia editors,

    I hope you all have a lovely week and a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope you all have fun and stay safe!

    Gobble, Gobble - Matt (a.k.a MdaCHARMED2016)


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  • MdaCHARMED2016

    Happy Halloween!

    October 31, 2017 by MdaCHARMED2016


    Happy Halloween, fellow wikia editors.

    I wish all of you the safest tidings for Halloween. Tomorrow is October 31st and a day to have fun, due to the future becoming less "okay"; I hope all of you stay safe while you're getting your haunt (lol) on! Have lots of fun and don't eat too much candy, you don't want a tummy-ache. ;)

    Trick-or-Treat, Matt (a.k.a MdaCHARMED2016)

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  • Prudence Brianna Halliwell

    Hello guys,

    So, I want to share with you what I'm on right now. Here goes a few pics. Please remember, it may contain spoilers and they are drafts.

    I'll post more as I go on.

    Blessed be, Sol

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  • MdaCHARMED2016


    July 5, 2017 by MdaCHARMED2016

    I'd also like to thank Sol for letting me come on here and help with the wiki, I'm glad I've been able to come here and give my assistance. I wanna thank Witchy and Sol, for both being an amazing help when it comes to issues/errors/questions that I have, I've learned a lot from both of you that I probably wouldn't ever learned if I didn't ask.I will continue to help out as much I can, when I can, for as long as I can. Destined is an amazing project that's been created, and I will continue to support it forever. 

    Witchy, if you need help on Fated's wiki. I can help some if you want. If you say yes, I'd be able to start when I finish up the powers for the Destined wiki. I know that it IS and WILL BE something that should be produced, the same…

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  • MdaCHARMED2016

    Can You Figure Out These Destined Fractured Episodes?

    • Just like the Charmed episode one.*

    Sum think wicker thus wake hums ag in an ag in

    Then ew feces dove thick armed wins

    Thud hiss tory dove Peru dense hallow el

    Peru ma get in

    Sec nos forum el

    Ana ight moron press scotch reet

    Lae yahs fell

    Ror ding twin ties

    Dough itches gim

    Mice is turkeys pour

    Hello wein tone

    Ba load toe Ba load rat urn toe mei

    Ow dove lie hen tube ark nose

    Wife joe sun

    Ale hello wills cat herd Bach tow gate herd ag in

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  • MdaCHARMED2016

    Happy Fourth of July, everyone!!! 

    Be safe and wise when out and about, if you're planning to celebrate or party for the occasion.

    May your day be splendid!

    Blessed be! :)

    - Matt 
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  • MdaCHARMED2016

    Can you figure out these Charmed fractured episodes?

    Thud A them edge hick tide

    Charm den dingy ruse

    Chess tarried

    Zen France his go

    El-Al brake sluice

    Jar ma get in

    Thaw and ago

    Sum think wicker thus wake hums

    Dough itches pack

    Frown veered Huey turn eddy

    Beak air four hat chew itch four

    The told plaque match ick

    Enamel brag mat is hymn

    Bar doom I passed

    Beef re-age duo

    Sore dent thus itty

    Fore if urge armed

    Viacom lea hose

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  • MdaCHARMED2016

    All I have to say is that the Season 3 finale was amazing!!! 

    And Sol is doing an amazing job with this series.

    Keep up the great work!

    P.S. Also wanting to get the badge that goes with doing this. x3

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  • TotallyWitchy

    Hello all Destined Fans!

    There has been some suspenseful, hearrtwrenching, unexpected, and heart warming episodes in Destined, and there all amazing and unique in there own way.

    But what epsiode did you like the best? Which one stood out to you? And made you want to read it over, and over and over again? 

    We want to know! So sound off in the comments below what epsiode of Destined you absoloutly loved! There's so many amazing ones, but you can only choose one! 

    Choose carefully!

    Blessed Be,

    The Destined Admins

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  • Natashaataliya


    March 20, 2015 by Natashaataliya

    If you ask for my opinion i think Destined is AWESOME!

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  • Natashaataliya

    Helping hand

    March 20, 2015 by Natashaataliya

    If any editing or anything is ever needed I would be glad to help.


    Thank you Natashaaliya :)

    You´re welcome to help. If you´d like, you can keep creating pages. I will edit it only to add information and the infoboxes info when nedeed. Thank you :) and once again Welcome to Destined :)

    Prudence Brianna Halliwell (talk) 13:55, March 20, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Jennifer Krahn

    Power of Four

    October 8, 2013 by Jennifer Krahn
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