Destined picks up where Charmed, the CW show, left. The year is 2030. Piper, Phoebe and Paige are the mothers of three kids each. Evil is getting stronger again and Wyatt (Wes Ramsey), Chris (Drew Fuller) and their cousin, Prue (Sophia Bush) take over the fight against evil followed by their cousins and siblings. The nine are known in the magic community as the Destined Ones. All and each one of them try to combine a normal life with their magical lives. Every one with a different and strong personality but one thing in common, they are nothing less but the kids of the most powerfull witches ever known. Despite of being so powerful, the Elders decided that there´ll come a day that the Charmed Ones would have to have a no demon life so they work it out to turn Piper, Phoebe and Paige´s daughters into the new Charmed Ones allowing them to destroy those evil beings using the Power of Three. Prue (Phoebe´s eldest), Melinda (Piper´s younger and only female) and Tamora (Paige´s eldest) take over the Power of Three. But this genaration is not just about the Destined Ones and the new Charmed Ones. There´s also a time of two that, when working together, are able to vanquish anything they want, whether they are good under some kind of spell that turn them evil. Wyatt and Prue Halliwell are the Twice Blessed Children and both find out that no matter what they do, their fate was written centuries ago.

Whitelighters, cupids, witches, demons, warlock as well as a New Source of All Evil and more... Destined bring them on. New and old characters are here to keep alive the magic of Charmed!

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Magic is back!